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Here we go…….Into The Great Blue Nowhere!

We hope you are enjoying our brand new website. It has been a long time in the oven but it has turned out to be the just right shade of goodness. With all the new improvements we hope that the site will better serve our clients and their needs. We have improved our content with better descriptions of our various services as well as a better enrollment function that includes, for the first time, a payment function.

Another addition to the new website is a weekly blog where we can discuss life on a wide range of topics. Be it current events, politics, movies, the small screen, science, medicine, music or musicians it’s all fair game. With one requirement, the topic at hand will always have something to do with addiction.

The local and national news provides a panoramic view of what’s happening out there in the big ole world. What are the scientists, the physicians and politicos yapping about? What is working in treatment and who is hyping their latest cure? Can some places actually cure addictions? Forever? Solution or snake-oil? We will take a look.

The media is also a very big stage upon which a seemingly never ending conga line of celebrities act out, deal with their demons and either find substance recovery or fall victim to the tragedy that is addiction. Why should they be any different than the rest of us? Alcoholism and addiction do not respect any person due to status or position in society. But they get to do it in full view of the entire world. What are the lessons to be learned from these folks? We will examine these stories through autobiographies, films, recorded music to glean the mysteries of addiction, the courage to change and to find the lesson in the lives that are sadly lost.

And, as this is hosted by Advanced DUI Counseling, we will do our very best to keep you informed of the latest happenings with our agency. The innovative programs, the variety of services, our special events, and, of course, our people.

The one thing that I promise you, dear reader, is truth. There is no room on our site, or in our practice for that matter, for rumor, innuendo or half-truths. We will deal with the facts mam, nothing but the facts.

Now that being said, I absolutely insist on having fun. One can take only so much seriousness. So watch for the occasional smart aleck remark, double entendre or Monty Python quote.

Here we go…

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