You may pay in advance for your counseling.

The Level I Program is $100.00 Level I (Nevada cases).

There is a $5.00 convenience fee is charged per day for those want to attend their sessions online and live within 20 miles of our agency. Those living outside of the 20 mile area do not have to pay a convenience fee.

General payments can be made in $5.00, $30.00, $ 40.00, $45.00, $50.00 and $100.00 increments, changing the amount of units to fit the amount you wish to pay.

Please note! (The fine print) Those individuals that make payments and are Defaulted due to Non-Compliance will not be eligible for a refund.

Group Counseling Session $30.00

Anger Management Session $50.00

Distant Counseling and Education, if living within 20 miles of our office $5.00

DOT Counseling Sessions $40.00

Level 1-$100

Out of State $40.00

Out of State Enrollment $100.00

Out of State Oregon $45.00

Individual Session $30.00

Other (Custom amount of payment)