Out-Of-State DUI Programs

Unfortunately many DUIs occur miles from home. We are on vacation or away on business in another state and something you think will never happen…happens.

Having to deal with a DUI from another state, as a Nevada resident, can be a nightmare! Every state has its own set of mandates and expectations which can be confusing as to how they need to be addressed. Some states insist that you attend your mandated treatment at a facility within their state as the only means to comply with court/DMV requirements! They create an impossible situation that buries the client in red tape with repeated phone calls leaving you on hold for hours and the sense that you still have not accomplished anything.

We can help.

At Advanced DUI we have helped clients resolve their Out of State DUI treatment mandates for over 35 different states. We have a great deal of experience in resolving California treatment requirements and can even offer advice on managing DMV protocols.
Our approach is to thoroughly research the individual case and determine the exact treatment requirements of your particular state. We then duplicate that specific treatment protocol here at our facility. We develop a custom treatment schedule/plan for your needs and follow it through to completion.

Please note that cases from the State of Oregon require frequent alcohol and drug testing. The expense is covered by the client.

All Out-of-State cases must be reviewed by our Clinical Director prior to enrolling and attending sessions. These are more complicated and involved cases. We are successful in resolving these cases because we put in the extra effort required. This includes the Level I DUI School. Call 775-233-5316 to make an appointment to review your case.

We offer the following California Programs:

  • SB1176 “Wet Reckless” 12 Hour DUI Program
  • AB541 1st Offender 3-4 Month DUI Program
  • AB762 1st Offender 6 Month DUI Program
  • AB1353 1st Offender 9 Month DUI Program
  • AB803 2nd Offender 3 Month DUI Program
  • SB38/SB1344 2nd Offender 18 Month DUI Program
  • SB1365 Multiple Offender 30 Month DUI Program