Court Mandated Alcohol/Drug DUI Programs Substance Use Disorder

As we learn more about ourselves and our relationship with alcohol and/or drugs, we develop new skills for life and experience the benefits of a substance free lifestyle.

Trading a life fueled by alcohol and drug use for sobriety is often the silver lining found within the mandates of a court program

For those whose court requirements include an extended Substance Use Disorder program, we offer a number of group therapy sessions on various days and times during the week. Group sessions are a safe place for clients to explore the role that substance use has played in their lives and the consequences that have followed that use. Insight and support from other group members is a powerful tool for change and clients learn much from the experiences of others. Presentations, handouts, group discussions and exercises help the development of new life skills and encourage the consideration of a change towards a clean and sober life.

Group therapy programs vary in length based upon court mandates and evaluation recommendations. Some courts will state a specific time frame such as 6-12 months for program duration. Other local courts refer to these programs as a Level IIX (6 Months) or Level III (12 Months). All SUD (Substance Use Disorder) clients are expected to complete the Level I education classes and will have those sessions credited towards their required number of sessions. Client motivation to complete their Treatment Plan goals and comply with program guidelines is a key factor in determining the time frame for completion.

Topics discussed include:

  • The Science of Addiction
  • Substance Use and Your Health
  • Coping Skills
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Case Studies
  • Developing a Sober Support System