Level 1 Marijuana DUI School

Drug & Alcohol Education is an opportunity to gather information, to expand our knowledge base, and change our behaviors resulting in no further trouble.

Alliance Marijuana DUI School is the only provider in Nevada that provides a State Approved program specifically tailored for those individuals that have received a marijuana DUI offense.

Other DUI Schools can satisfy the court Level I requirement but why spend all that time talking about alcohol when the situation related to marijuana? We make the class interesting, factual and topical.

Drug and Alcohol Education, often called Level I DUI School, is an 8 hour program that, per state law, must be taught in two, 4 hour classes on separate days.

Using up-to-date films and PowerPoint presentations, our educational sessions are stimulating and capture the individual’s attention through humor and story-telling.

DUI School has a primary focus that concerns driving a vehicle, life and how they are affected by marijuana. Materials presented will address three areas: Legal, Medical and Social aspects of cannabis use and consequences that may result.

We have well trained instructors, a comfortable classroom and interesting material using state of the art presentations. Our Level I class is a stimulating way to learn about issues of marijuana.

Your Next Step

We conduct a complete set of classes once each month on the weekend. Check the schedule page for exact days and times.