Marijuana, Finding The Truth about getting High

What is the truth about marijuana? A good question as misinformation is more than plentiful. Sorting the truth from myth, misunderstanding and folklore is the goal of our Marijuana Program.

No Substance related topic stirs stronger emotions than that of marijuana. The mere mention of the drug brings about very polarizing opinions both pro and con. Despite the growing shift in public sentiment towards the decriminalization, legalization and medical use of marijuana clients often find themselves at odds with employer Drug Free Workplace policies, post-accident drug tests and driving under the influence laws.

Advanced DUI has the only exclusive Marijuana course to be found in Nevada. Beginning with the Level I educational classes, clients will then take an experiential journey through all the different aspects of the problems of chronic marijuana use. Using lecture, video presentations and written assignments clients will learn about the far reaching costs of marijuana use.

Topics Presented for discussion include:

  • Marijuana and the Law
  • Getting Stoned and Your Health
  • The Politics of Pot
  • Is Marijuana Addictive?
  • Reefer Sanity: 7 Myths About Marijuana
  • The History of Cannabis
  • Do I have a Problem with Weed?
  • Pot Smoking Culture: Beyond Cheech & Chong
  • Marijuana Anonymous