Level I DUI School-Drug & Alcohol Education

Drug & Alcohol Education is an opportunity to gather information, to expand our knowledge base, and change our behaviors resulting in no further trouble.

Drug and Alcohol Education, often called Level I DUI School, is an 8-hour program that, per state law, must be taught in two, 4-hour classes on separate days. Using up-to-date films and PowerPoint presentations, our educational sessions are stimulating and capture the individuals, attention through humor and story-telling. DUI School has a primary focus on three areas that concern drinking, drug use, and driving. Materials presented will address the Legal, Medical and Social aspects of substance use and consequences that may result. We have well-trained instructors, a comfortable classroom and interesting material using state of the art presentations. Our Level I class is a stimulating way to learn and consider the ramifications of our substance-related behaviors. We conduct a complete set of classes on most weekends and once each month on weeknights.

Check the schedule page on our website for exact days and times. Our cost for DUI School is the most competitive in the area. Check the Fee Schedule page for exact pricing. There is a substantial discount for those that pre-enroll and pay for the course in advance. Those individuals that enroll and pay on the day of the class will be charged the full price. Our classroom, curriculum, and instructors are all licensed and approved by the State of Nevada, Department of Motor Vehicles.

All Out-of-State cases must be reviewed by our Clinical Director prior to enrolling and attending sessions. These are more complicated and involved cases. We are successful in resolving these cases because we put in the extra effort required. This includes the Level I DUI School. Call 775-233-5316 to make an appointment to review your case.

Please note:  Clients that withhold information or are evasive when discussing their case will not be allowed to attend sessions.