Supporting the Arts in the Truckee Meadows

Music has always been a key part of my life. As a teenager I would collect my meager paycheck from the grocery store and pedal my bike down to Park Lane Mall and spend it all at Mirabeli’s. It all started with the Beatles, Santana, Led Zeppelin, Simon and Garfunkel, Rolling Stones and so much more! Over the years my taste in tunes has swept across many genres and now includes pretty much everything that sets the foot to tapping. Along with the hundreds of vinyl albums, CDs and an iTunes library of 12,000 songs I also spend most of the day playing the radio. It is on when I am driving, doing the dishes, shaving in the morning and all day at my office. I am a born button pusher and check a bunch of stations before I find the song I want to hear.

KJIVMy broadcast allegiance was soon to settle down. My friend, Judy, sent me a note last year to inform me the Dean of Reno Radio, Bruce van Dyke, was back on the air! I was ecstatic! Bruce has been tickling my ears with sonic pleasure for many years. First with the rock station KGLR which morphed into KOZZ and then with the outstanding eclectic KTHX. After a long absence Bruce has again resurfaced as the morning Tune Tender at the free, non-commercial station known as KJIV.

Found at 89.1fm, KJIV is a trio of the original Boss Jocks from the days when all was righteous on the Reno Airwaves. Bruce covers the 6-10am, Diane Michaels the 10-2 pm shift with Hayseed Don Darue batting cleanup in the late afternoon. They use a massive iTunes library as a source for the Merry Pranksters of Radio to select their favorites which go into their Bucket O’Tunes.

The station is run on a shoestring budget and broadcasts from the wilds of Sun Valley. It’s all automated, which is the only drawback as Bruce’s running commentary was one of the best parts of listening. I guess we just have to keep reading the Notes From Neon Babylon in the Reno News and Review.  Or you can take his awesome class at TMCC, which I did (more about that in another post).

So we, at Advanced DUI, responded to one of the early pleas from the station for support last year and sent in a donation. But then I realized that music is an essential part of life and also makes a big contribution to recovery. The role of alcohol and drugs and music is so intertwined that it is all one, big story. And the tales of rock stars that fell victim to addiction is legion as are the tales of those who found their way to a life of sobriety. The stories of these individuals will also be the topic in many future discussions at this site. Music is also a part of our daily routine with our clients here at Advanced DUI & Counseling. The 5.1 surround sound system and the 70 in. flat screen are always featuring a music DVD to relax the clients prior to the start of a session.

So, to make a long story short, we decided to become one of the underwriters of KJIV radio.

We truly believe in what Jeff & Sheila Cotton are trying to do and enjoy our monthly visits with Jerilyn and Patricia. Bruce was even kind enough to mention us in a sound bite that pops up every once in a while on the radio (click the link on this page to hear Bruce).

They can be found on 89.1 on your FM dial. KJIV also has a great website at: The website offers streaming which comes in loud and clear.

So if you want to give your ears a treat, give 89.1, KJIV a listen.

We do…

(And stop by our office for a free KJIV bumper sticker!)

Give a listen to our message on KJIV 89.1

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