Classifications, Tricky Dick and the Magic Herb

Proper applications of marijuana are not happening because the Federal government cannot allow the use of what is termed a Schedule I Controlled Substance. In 1970, the Nixon administration had all drugs, legal or not, sorted into a series of schedules. This was based on two criteria. First, the legitimate medical uses of the substance. Second, the tendency for the substance to produce rapid, physical addiction. Schedule I includes substances that are highly addictive and have no medical uses. Schedule I includes LSD, heroin, some forms of cocaine and… (you guessed it) marijuana.

nixonuneditedDoes it belong there? Absolutely not!  Marijuana has a lot of promise as a treatment for a number of conditions. Has the medical uses of marijuana been overstated? Most likely. But we should really look at it and figure out the truth. Can you get addicted to marijuana? Absolutely! Does it happen rapidly? Not a chance. Marijuana addiction takes some time to manifest. It is not in the same ballpark as heroin or crack cocaine.

So marijuana got dumped in the law along with a lot of real bad guy drugs and there it sits. Possession, distribution, transportation and use of pot is a federal crime. Our current administration is turning a blind eye to issues of marijuana but that could easily change along with a new resident moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Federal law trumps the state laws.

So the individual states have decided to do an “end around” on the Federal laws by making pot legal for medical and now, even recreational use. The resulting boondoggle of conflicting laws has hamstrung a lot of research and clouded the issues such that the common sense of medical marijuana is often lost.

The American Medical Administration has long avoided the endorsement of medical marijuana. And for the simple reason that SMOKING ANYTHING IS BAD FOR YOU! It really matters little if it is tobacco, crack, meth or pot. The lungs of human beings are not well equipped to receive regular donations from a flamethrower. There is a reason the Willie Nelson has emphysema.

However, the medical professionals of our country can see the marijuana has some real, legitimate purposes. That is why the AMA holds the position that marijuana should be reclassified to a lower Schedule within the 1970 Controlled Substances Act and receive the testing and research that it deserves.

We have the cart before the horse on marijuana and are being manipulated by others with a misguided, greedy agenda.

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