When it is Time to Stop

It starts out as Fun. A drink here or a joint there enhances our social life. We enjoy ourselves. Then we notice that the Fun is starting to come with some Problems. A DUI, trouble at work or home occur. Then the day comes when we realize that we’re not having Fun anymore. It’s all Problems. We should stop… but how?

Welcome to the Caring, Compassionate Counseling of Advanced DUI

We understand that while it starts out as fun, drinking or using eventually turns to misery. As that happens slowly, often over many years of drinking, we seldom realize that the fun has stopped and we are just miserable.

We are here to help you understand that misery is optional. Life is not supposed to hurt. That is a sign that something is wrong and that immediate action is required. Since addictions and their related consequences often occur over the course of many years, we do not always recognize the pain and misery as relating to our substance use.

Our counseling center sets the standard for substance related education and therapy in Northern Nevada.

We have created a warm, inviting and safe environment in which clients can explore their relationship with alcohol and/or drugs in a non-judgmental, caring manner. We never label clients as “alcoholic” or “addicted” and consider that to be a personal decision best left up to the individual. Those that come to the conclusion themselves that a substance is causing problems in their life will be more motivated to take positive steps to correct that behavior.

Caring, Compassionate Counseling

A Way Out…Let Us Help!