Specialty Courts

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The criminal justice system has long sought effective outcomes for individuals involved in repeated, serious alcohol and drug related offenses. Recidivism or re-offending is, unfortunately all too common in these populations, at least until recently. Specialty courts are specially designated proceedings that are exclusively for certain populations that include a very active exchange with the therapeutic community.

When the criminal justice and treatment communities work hand-in-hand with each other, the common goal of improved outcomes for the client is achieved more often than not.

Advanced DUI School & Counseling is one of the providers in the Reno-Sparks area that is well versed in the many different specialty courts available in Justice, Municipal and District Courts.

Advanced DUI & Counseling offers comprehensive therapeutic programs that work closely with the courts on a regular basis. We enroll the client in the group and individual sessions that are mandated by the court; provide the court with required progress reports and help the individual develop sound relapse prevention skills.

Many of these programs are very intensive and ask a lot of the client. However, this is often done in exchange for very positive considerations as in a deferred prison sentence upon acceptance in the Specialty Program or a reduced charge for successful program completion. We have been involved with these programs since many of them began and find the work with these clients to be most rewarding. These are often the hardest working clients that we see on a regular basis.

If you are ready to, not just comply with court requirements, but to make a serious difference in the outcomes you are experiencing in life, please call us and we can help you find a way out of the system once and for all!

Counseling centers, such as Advanced DUI & Counseling, must be approved as providers of these services to work with these client populations.

Out-of-State DUI Programs

Many Nevada residents are faced with resolving court mandates that fall under the jurisdiction of other states. Finding ones way to understanding and completing these programs can be frustrating, confusing and may seem to never end. Many out- of-state programs actually insist that individuals actually move to their location in order to attend their DUI program! Do not be intimidated!

Most out-of-state programs can be completed here in Nevada. It does take a local treatment program, such as Advanced DUI & Counseling, that is willing to do the extra leg work to resolve the differences and concerns of various state DUI programs. We have been successful with programs from over half the states in the country, including California, Oregon, Arizona, North & South Carolina, Colorado, Iowa, Montana and many others. We find that most any situation can be resolved if we are patient, watch our expectations and we remain committed to the duplication of the requirements of out-of-state programs.