Basics & Casics Programs

“Noticing that many college-age clients were appearing repeatedly before the court, the Reno Municipal Court began Basics/Casics as an early intervention to help these individuals avoid repeated substance related offenses”

The Basics/Casics program consists of two, 90 minute Individual sessions that are spaced two weeks apart. As with all of our interactions with the clients, the session is in a conversational style and no judgment or labels are implied. Basics is geared for alcohol related situations while the Casics program is for marijuana use. During the one-on-one session the counselor will help the client develop a profile of substance history, learn the basics of self-monitoring and find out what risk factors their substance use may pose. Clients use the Alcohol or Marijuana e-CheckUpToGo interactive web survey to get important feedback about their use of substances and the possible issues that accompany continued high levels of use. The goal of the program may be cessation of substance use or the development of less risky behaviors for the future.